The   Greatest   Movie   Ever   Made!!

This page is dedicated to North Shore. Made in 1987 this movie is a epic tale of love and ambition situated on Hawaii's North Shore. Starring Matt Adler as Rick Kane, an art student who goes to hawaii to surf the season. He meets Turtle, a local, who talks funny surfer lingo. Then he meets Chandler a surf board shaper (played by Gregory Harrison) who takes Rick into his house and teaches him how to surf like the "soul surfers". But it's not all incense and peppermints for Rick as the local gang The Hui (who-ee) don't like his intruding on their turf and plan to keep him apart from his would-be girlfriend and "hui-chick" Kiani played by Nia Peeples. Set out to overcome the odds he enters the Pipeline Classic, a major surfing competition, and must surf against the greats and his nemisis Lance Burkhart (played by Laird Hamilton). Who wins the competition you ask ??'ll have to watch the movie. And if you already have.....Stay Loose Haole (how-lee)!

Here are some of North Shore's best sounds (recorded by me!)
Hey Alex come jump in with us!
Lance Burkhart argues with Chandler
wise words from Turtle
Turtle teaches some surfer lingo to Rick
The Hui is on the scene
Turtle confronts Burkhart
Turtle(again) bugs Rick about his mainland style
Turtle (yep!) shows Rick his big secret
The Hui and Rick Kane clash for the 1st time
I finally got off my ass and updated! Here are some new sounds!
You took his pound him
By far the worst overdub of the movie
Turtle gets mad
This is my personal favourite of all time dedicated to my friend Lee."
I never get sick of this one.

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a true surfer goes with the wave. I mean he knows the wave.
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my personal homepage which is o.k. and has nothing to do with North Shore
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Nia Peeples (The Officially Authorized Homepage)
this is a site dedicated to Nia peeples obviously made by a nice guy named Jerry who sent me the URL.

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